How to quit procrastinating, the best way to get something done is to begin! A year from now you may wish you had started today. Procrastination is thief of time

Time management or Managing your life? 8 Intelligent tips to use today

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Get-Started-With-Time-ManagementWhen it comes about time management, whether you are a manager, sales person, administrative assistant, executive or regular person, time is your most valuable asset for your previous goal setting. Time management training will enable you to improve your time management skills and learn to establish priority tasks, activities, eliminate unnecessary actions, manage your personal work, time and study skills more effectively.

Most people when they read something about time management, they expect someone to tell them any technique or tool for how to stop procrastinating, help to improve productivity and achieve everything they have in mind, in those 24 hours that we all alike have. If you are among the people who feel like work, obligations and sometimes their own friends take most of your time during one day, then you’ve come to the right place to learn powerful time management techniques used by most successful people and gain leading productive and efficient conscious control over your job.

There are a many theories, which they try to find a solution to this “time management” problem, but the solution for work management is inside ourselves. There is no time management definition theory which will help you to get 25 hours as much less help to get the reason for your inefficiency. What we all suffer from is efficiency in performing obligations and prioritizing the things that we really want to do. Here are eight powerful time management tips that you can do without having to use any particular tool or technique to achieve conscious control and manage your time well:


  • Find internal time management motivation - In general what makes all of us to do something or not do is our motive, if you want to manage your time then it is good to consider what’s your motive for it. How to do this? Consider whether your activities and responsibilities allows you to have time for your family, your friends, or for some extraneous hobbies. You are happy when there is time to do what you really want to do! Are you are one of those lucky ones?


  • Analyze your time management activities - Once you determine whether you have or do not have time, switch to writing down all your actions to detail a few days in a row. In this way, you’ll notice insights about how and where you use most of the time. Be honest with yourself and write down everything!
  • External Vs Internal factors - There are a lot of factors that affect your efficiency and productivity, most of them you accept as, consciously or unconsciously, but there are ones that someone else consciously or unconsciously is imposing them on you. It is important to understand which activities relays on which factor. If most of the activities are imposed by an external factor, and if exactly these activities / responsibilities does not fulfill you, then it is very likely most of the day you are disappointed, depressed and do not want to do and things that represent your satisfaction. In your schedule, should always prevails movements that you want to do, ones that makes you pleasure. Everything else which has the opposite effect unplug it from your schedule, or reduce the number of such acting to a minimum.
  • Long-term time management motive - Everything said above, is something that short time can solve your time management problem, if you want long-term efficiency and productivity, short-term solutions will not make your life long-term productive, fulfilled and effective in none aspects of your life.
  • Long-term time management plan - Every company, every organization starts with the design of their future, but what very few people are doing is projecting their own future. I encourage you to stop reading and start thinking about what you want to achieve in the next few years and start to work on it today. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, a successful lawyer, doctor, artist or anything, start your To Do List today, don’t wait for someone to offer it in the future. Complete success means success in all aspects of your life and career is a part of it but not as whole. So, plan your future taking all the key areas of your life.


  • Urgent Vs Important time management activities/obligations - Self-analysis of your activities, their importance and where they lead you, you can see the best if you divide your activities/responsibilities into categories according to importance and urgency. Divide your activities as follows: Important-Emergency, Important-Not Urgent, Not Important-Urgent and Not Important-Not Urgent. In which category are your activities? Most people realize that their time mostly is spent in the category: Important-Emergency, Not Important-Urgent and Not Important-Not Urgent and very little focus in the category Important-Not Urgent which is where people encounter problems in life. Health is the most important to all of us, without it nothing is possible, but due to the activities / obligations our health is within the category of “Important-Not urgent” and crosses into “Important-Emergency” when they are already facing some healthcare problem, as result that a few months back was in the previous category. The same is with many problems that we encounter in our lives, if we want to increase our control over our lives then it is best to start getting things done exactly as this category of activities / responsibilities requires. It is a long-term focus on how you use your time and achieve time management success!
  • Planning your future time management year - Now is nearing the end of 2012, consider which things you want to do well in 2013. And then go into it as quarterly goal setting, monthly and then weekly for the end to get to daily activities / responsibilities.
  • Process of time management adaptation - Making habit that adheres to your plans is not an easy job, but it is definitely something worth taking the effort, time and motivation. At the beginning it will be hard to say no to something you do not want to do, but difficultness will start to disappear at the moment when you’ll see how much efficient and productive you use your time, which means personal satisfaction from the way you live your life too.

This is how i get things done, I was able to learn a lot and give you this powerfrul time management tips. Go ahead start your project management NOW and learn how to stop procrastinating by getting this done.

Tell me what do you think about time management and how you deal with it in the comment area below. Share this if you think someone will take use of it.

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